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Bongo Touch Kid

Bongo Touch Kid is available on App Store Now!! 

Bongo Touch Kid

Bongo Touch Kid is new rhythm game design especially for kids and their parents to enjoy music game having a fun time together. Bongo Touch Kid has a simple and clean interface included cute graphic and lovely music fun for all ages. Also included 5 mini games for your kid to discover such as Super Bongo, Bongo Spin, Bongo Jigsaw, Bongo Match and finally Bongo Mafia.
Bongo Touch Kid

Game features
12 songs are content in the game
5 mini games
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Please use headphone for the best Bongo Drum sound experience.
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Bongo Touch Kid

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Bongo Touch Kid
Bongo Touch Kid


Bongo Touch Kid专门为孩子和他的父母设计新的游戏节奏可以在享受音乐游戏的同时有快乐的时光。Bongo Touch Kid有着简单和干净的画面,包括了适合各个年龄段的可爱图形和有趣的音乐。同时还为您的孩子准备了5个小型游戏例如Super Bongo,Bongo Spin,Bongo Jigsaw,Bongo Match和Bongo Mafia。


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为了最好的 Bongo 声音体验,请使用手机。
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